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The First Spring Flowers of 2012

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The First Spring Flowers of 2012

Today was simply beautiful; warm, sunny with clear blue skies, so I decided to take a drive out to FM 3009 to see what I could find. I hadn't expected to see many wildflowers yet, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw row upon row of beautiful blue, yellow and pink flowers all along the sides of the road. It's somewhat difficult to drive and scene-spot at the same time (my apologies to the person who's heart almost gave out when I accidentally veered towards their lane whilst admiring Bluebonnets on the opposite side of the road!!), but never-the-less, I found a fantastic, hidden little spot just down a narrow lane that led to some old farm buildings.
I just stood admiring the scene for a few moments, finding myself laughing out loud at how much the Bluebonnets resembled a field of Smurfs with their blue bodies and little white 'hats'!
So cute!!
I even managed to get caught trespassing on someone's private property as I leaned over a wall to try and get some shots of rusting old farm machinery! Fortunately, the lady who's property it was found it endearing when she heard my English accent, and drove away laughing at my embarrassment. (Could have been worse, I guess - this is Texas after all, so it wouldn't have surprised me if someone appeared waving a shotgun in my direction, lol).
Anyway, I managed to get some pretty shots of the brand new spring flowers - I've uploaded a couple already on here and will work on processing the rest tomorrow!
I'll leave with a reminder of one of my favourite mantras: "Always stop to smell the flowers (and listen to the music!)"